Sub-Prime Credit Financing

Easy Sub-Prime Loans And Financing In Torrance, CA At Scott Robinson Honda

2019 Honda Accord

Don’t let a shabby credit score get you down if you need a new car in the South Bay area, come to Scott Robinson Honda and talk with our finance team about getting a sub-prime loan for your new or used vehicle purchase. If your credit score is below 640, you’ve probably been turned away by other lenders, but you will only hear “yes” at Scott Robinson Honda. Our sub-prime auto loans have helped hundreds of South Bay area drivers get into reliable, affordable transportation and best of all, we’ve helped them get their credit back on track. Paying off a loan, even a sub-prime loan, in a timely manner will put you on the right track to rebuilding your damaged credit, and that’s something to be happy about.

Getting Financing With Bad Credit Or No Credit

Even if you’ve got major credit damage on your record – multiple repossessions, multiple bankruptcies, long periods of writing checks that have bounced – our finance experts here at Scott Robinson Honda can get you the loan you need. We can even provide assistance for shoppers buying a car for the first time, those with no credit, as well as those without any money for a down payment.