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Semi-Synthetic Oil Change Service

Honda Semi-Synthetic Oil Change in Torrance, CA

There’s no avoiding the need for a Honda semi-synthetic oil change in Torrance, especially if you want to enjoy the quality and reliability that every Honda car, truck, SUV, and minivan offers. We specialize in providing a top-notch service experience for proud Honda owners all over Torrance, CA, not to mention other areas including Redondo Beach, Carson, Gardena, and Long Beach. When your Honda needs fresh synthetic-blend motor oil, visit our service department and let one of our certified Honda technicians take care of your vehicle.


Semi-Synthetic Oil Change Service

You may have heard of conventional and full-synthetic motor oils, but there’s also semi-synthetic oil. Semi-synthetic oil combines the best attributes of conventional and full-synthetic oil, resulting in improved performance over conventional oil, but at a lower cost than full-synthetic oil. If you have an older Honda that normally uses conventional oil, then using synthetic-blend motor oil can give your engine higher levels of performance and protection against excessive friction and heat. If your Honda uses full-synthetic oil, however, then you should stick with what the manufacturer already calls for.

Semi-Synthetic Oil vs. Full-Synthetic Oil

To understand what makes synthetic-blend motor oil so unique, let’s compare it to conventional and full-synthetic oil. Conventional oil is refined directly from crude oil and contains a greater number of impurities that must be removed before being used as lubricant. Full-synthetic oil undergoes further refinement and processing to remove even more impurities and create an oil that performs better and lasts longer than conventional oil. Semi-synthetic oil is a blend of the two, making it more economical to use than full-synthetic while offering improved performance that’s close to what full-synthetic oil offers.

How Often Should I Change Semi-Synthetic Oil?

While Honda vehicles using conventional oil need theirs changed every 3,000 miles, synthetic-blend motor oil is designed to go a bit longer between oil changes. We recommend having your semi-synthetic oil changed every 5,000 miles, along with your engine oil filter. Full-synthetic motor oils can last for up to 7,500 miles or even more, depending on engine condition, driving styles and other factors. Your Honda owner’s manual will have more information about oil changes and other service intervals.

Why Choose Scott Robinson Honda for Your Next Oil Change in Torrance?

Visit us at Scott Robinson Honda and our certified technicians will take care of your Honda semi-synthetic oil change needs. We’ll replace your oil with fresh, genuine OEM Honda semi-synthetic oil and a new OEM oil filter to your vehicle’s specifications, plus we’ll check your engine bay for leaks and other issues. Book your next appointment through our online service scheduling or call us today.

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