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Many automotive manufacturers have designed precise servicing schedules to help keep your car operating at its best and Honda is no different. By following your service schedule you not only improve your car’s performance but also increase its lifespan and regular servicing can help prevent major mechanical issues from occurring. You need your car to perform predictably and efficiently no matter if you live in Carson or Redondo Beach and regular servicing helps achieve that goal.

No appointments necessary for Oil Changes, Filter Changes, or Tire Rotations. They are performed on first come first served basis. Monday – Friday 7:30am – 4:30pm and Saturday 8:00am – 2:00pm.


Why You Should Follow Your Service Schedule

Your Honda needs regular maintenance in a variety of areas and with so many things to keep track of it can be a challenge knowing what to service and when. Following your service schedule takes a lot of uncertainty out of regular automotive upkeep and addresses issues in a structured way which makes the whole process a lot easier to manage.

The Dangers Of Not Having Regular Servicing Done

Missing your service appoints can lead to several issues when driving your some of which are quite severe. Without regular servicing, your car’s performance can suffer and you also reduce its lifespan, value, and can lead to breakdowns and other mechanical issues far more often. In addition to this without regular servicing, random mechanical failures become a lot more likely and the last thing you want is your car randomly overheating as you drive in rush hour traffic going home to Gardena.

Why You Should Always Use A Certified Shop

When taking your Honda in for servicing you want to know the work you have done and the parts installed are high quality. When using a Honda certified shop you can rest easy knowing that any work done meets the high standards Honda has for quality. In addition to the technicians being properly trained a certified shop will also only use OEM parts meaning that they are made to fit the specifications of your automobile so you don’t have to worry about the part fitting correctly or working properly.

Finding The Best Honda Shop in Torrance, CA

At Scott Robinson Honda we know how important your car is to you and that having it be reliable is so important to your daily life. We’ve proudly serviced residents of Torrance and nearby communities such as Long Beach for many years. Our simple online form collects your car’s make, model, year, and trim level to match it up with common services you select off a checklist. After selecting the service, you need you can then verify any travel arrangements (such as using the shuttle) before arranging your appointment date and time. Finally, we collect your name and contact info to verify your appointment.


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