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Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection

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Multi-Point Inspection

Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection in Torrance, CA

You’ve probably heard dealerships and car maintenance providers over the years discuss a 12-point, 13-point, 21-point, or any other numbered points of inspection they offer. At Scott Robinson Honda in Torrance, CA, we call it a multi-point inspection because the exact number varies by vehicle, and according to the mileage. The idea is to check fluid levels and filter wear, tires and tire pressure, and assure the brakes and other systems are working properly. A visual inspection further confirms there are no potential problems or undue wear and tear which might need to be addressed before causing an utter failure which requires unexpected service which might take the vehicle off the road for a few days.



Your Car Is Designed With Inspections in Mind

Your vehicle was designed to withstand the rigors of driving daily at highway speeds under multiple conditions throughout the year. With that said, there’s simply no way to plan for anything that might happen. There are sometimes potholes or trash on the road which can’t be avoided, perhaps debris coming from an improperly loaded truck, and general stress from the weight of the car driving at normal speeds. With such stresses in mind, the car was built to absorb such wear in easily replaceable parts, but they can only be replaced if the wear on them is recognized before they actually break.

What Can Go Wrong If Inspections Aren’t Conducted

When regular inspections aren’t conducted and the parts intended to absorb the stress actually break, it puts stress on other parts of your Honda which weren’t designed to handle such forces. Those parts tend to be more expensive to purchase and more difficult to replace, making the labor more expensive as well. It’s always going to be easier and less expensive to find a potential problem and correct it before it causes a breakdown. Outside of the cost of the repair, consider how a breakdown is dangerous to yourself and others on the road, whether in a high traffic area or on a long and winding rural road.

Finding a Dealership for Routine Maintenance and Repairs

We care about you, your family, and your car at Scott Robinson Honda in Torrance, CA, and serving the surrounding areas including Redondo Beach, Carson, Gardena, and Long Beach. The multi-point vehicle inspection service is important in keeping your vehicle running well. Although other local mechanics might be able to conduct an inspection, our trained professionals are familiar with specific needs your car might have along with any warranty or recall information that might apply. Give us a call any time to schedule your next inspection or maintenance needs, or we can usually conduct an inspection as a walk-in service, although there is likely to be a short wait time.

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