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Honda Oil Change Service Near Long Beach, CA

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Honda Oil Change Service Near Long Beach, CA

Efficient Oil Change Services Near Long Beach, CA at Scott Robinson Honda

Your Honda requires fresh motor oil periodically to keep the engine running smoothly. This is because it can deteriorate with age, leading to a build-up of particulates and contaminants within your engine. When this happens, the oil cannot properly lubricate the metallic components within your engine. They can grind against each other, causing severe damage. Routine maintenance with oil change and filter replacement can avoid this situation. Save yourself the time, money, and frustration of an extensive engine repair by coming in for a simple oil change service at Scott Robinson Honda. We are conveniently located near Long Beach, California, providing certified Honda technicians and high-quality motor oil.

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The Honda Oil Change Experience

When you come to Scott Robinson Honda for an oil change, we provide the VIP treatment. We will quickly and accurately drain your contaminated motor oil, then replace the oil filter. We will then thoroughly inspect your oil reservoir to ensure it doesn’t have any leaks. Next, we will fill the reservoir with manufacturer-approved motor oil that is optimal for your particular model. Our service technicians are here to answer any questions you may have regarding the various types of motor oil. We know it can often be confusing and overwhelming with all of the various options. Let us help you navigate the world of motor oil and change out your oil the right way. Lastly, we will check to ensure the oil is at the appropriate level before heading back out on the road.

Oil Change Services Available at Scott Robinson Honda Near Long Beach, CA

At Scott Robinson Honda near Long Beach, we provide the full range of oil change services. So no matter what model you have, where or when you purchased it, we can perform an oil change for you in a timely manner, following Honda protocols and guidelines throughout the process.

  • Conventional Oil Change: Conventional or standard oil is the baseline option with little additive and typically comes at the lowest cost. It is refined from crude petroleum and will need to be exchanged more often than synthetic oils.
  • Synthetic Oil Change: Synthetic oil is not derived from petroleum but instead from other chemicals. It is artificial to provide optimal benefits for your engine, such as resistance to thermal degradation and improved viscosity. It is typically more expensive but doesn’t have to be changed as frequently.
  • Semi-Synthetic Oil Change: Semi-synthetic oil is a mixture of the other two types, so it dramatically compromises added benefits and price.
  • Diesel Oil Change: If your Honda has a diesel engine, it will require diesel oil. It has different additives in the formulation to optimize it for a diesel engine.

When Should You Schedule Your Honda Oil Change Service?

The frequency with which your motor oil should be changed will vary depending upon the type of oil your Honda uses, your driving habits, and where you typically drive. Our certified Honda technicians recommend having your oil changed every 5,000 miles or every 6 months as a general rule of thumb. This is especially true with conventional motor oil. If you are using full-synthetic oil, you can go a bit longer in between oil changes. If you’re ever unsure, check your owner’s manual or contact us at our service department, and we can answer any questions you may have.


Honda Oil Change Service at Scott Robinson Honda Near Long Beach, CA

When you’re ready to schedule your oil change service appointment for your Honda, we offer online service scheduling and Saturday service hours for your convenience. Set up your appointment at Scott Robinson Honda, make the short drive from Long Beach, and we can handle the rest!

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