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Honda Conventional Oil Change in Torrance

We operate a certified Honda service department in Torrance, CA uniquely qualified to handle Honda oil change services at peak quality and value. We guarantee our oil change quality with some of the finest automotive service resources including certified technicians with specialized equipment that understands your Honda model professionally and has spent countless hours performing conventional oil changes for vehicles exactly like yours. We then surpass the value proposition offered by independent service shops near Torrance easily with value-added options like online service scheduling, service & parts specials, and Saturday operating hours for our busy living customers.

Conventional Oil Change Service

Boasting a certified technician with the highest quality genuine Honda OEM conventional oil and oil filters, we will remove the sludgy oil from the engine, remove the oil filter, inspect the engine bay, and install fresh conventional oil and oil filter to restore factory specifications.


Understanding Conventional Motor Oil

We can’t discuss engine oils without conventional because it represents the automotive industry’s traditional oil since the beginning. It begins as crude petroleum extracted from the ground and is then processed in a refinement facility to improve its viscosity retention and resistance of thermal breakdown inside the extreme engine environment. Conventional oil is popular for newer vehicles with lower miles and older models that haven’t made the switch to synthetic.

Engine Oil & Engine Temperatures

Things can heat up rather quickly inside your Honda’s combustion engine as it generates power through thousands of controlled explosions every minute of operation. With the average operational temperature needing to be within a small window between 195 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. This ideal running temperature provides benefits like smoother & quieter engine operation, enhanced fuel efficiency, reduced wear & tear on the engine’s moving parts, extended engine life, and reduced long-run operating expenses. Our certified technicians have the training to know that keeping your engine operating at the proper temperature to deliver these benefits are engine oil & filter changes and coolant fluid exchange services at the specified mileage.

Oil Changes at a Honda Qualified Service Center

We organized our service department around the belief that our customers selected their Honda car, truck, minivan, or SUV model because of the competitive advantages commonly known about Honda vehicles, such as their enhanced engine durability, remarkable fuel efficiency, and reduced operating costs. As you might imagine, tons of sophisticated high technologies have gone into your Honda model’s engineering design. We never recommend oil changes for your Honda by an independent service shop staffed with average Joe mechanics installing aftermarket parts performing the same service quality for your Honda as an old beater headed for the scrapyard. The only service center qualified to provide your vehicle with conventional oil change service will have the same emblem on their signage as the emblem on your ride like us at Scott Robinson Honda in Torrance, CA.

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