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A/C Recharge Service

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Honda A/C Recharge Service

Honda A/C Recharge in Torrance, CA

Maybe you just flipped on your Honda’s air conditioner to find that it is blowing out hot air? This signals that an A/C component has a problem, and the refrigerant is usually the culprit. That is where we usually begin checking when this occurs, as even the smallest crack can allow refrigerant to escape. If we find that the refrigerant is low, you will need an A/C recharge service to restore cold-air production at specifications. With intense summer heat before us in Torrance, CA, we invite you to get a quick and convenient service guaranteed to give your Honda an arctic breeze inside the cabin when you need it most from us at Scott Robinson Honda.

Is Your Honda’s A/C Blowing Hot Air? Get an A/C Performance Check

We can provide an A/C performance check to verify poor performance. This happens by turning on the A/C to full blast and measuring the air’s temperature blowing out the vents. This reading is compared to ambient air and factory charts to verify whether the system is at specifications. When found to be out of specs, we can then inspect the system and provide an A/C recharge service if the refrigerant is low.


Other A/C System Problems Causing Performance Problem

We usually begin with the refrigerant when an air conditioning unit experiences performance problems, but we also commonly find other issues leading to the hot air blowing out of the vents. Sometimes we find that the refrigerant is sufficient, but there is weak airflow due to a faulty fan or damaged hose or seal that needs to be replaced. If you notice that the air is cold and then turns warm, this often leads us to find a leak, a blown fuse, or a defective compressor clutch. A clogged cabin filter can also cause weak airflow. For these reasons, a certified technician at a Honda-authorized service department will always be best for your Honda’s A/C.

A/C Recharge Service at Scott Robinson Honda

Service begins when we mount your Honda’s air conditioning unit to the refrigerant recharge equipment. The equipment measures the amount of refrigerant to verify specifications or confirm inadequacy. If the refrigerant is found low, we will respond with a meticulous inspection to find the leak. If the leak remains a mystery, the equipment pressurizes the system with a unique dye that our certified technician will see if it leaks. We will repair any components found to be leaking and will then install Honda authorized refrigerant to specifications.

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