4 Types Of Car Scratches And How To Fix Them

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4 Types Of Car Scratches And How To Fix Them


Even if you’re the most careful driver, inevitably, your car will eventually get a scratch. Maybe someone else’s keys scraped the side as they were loading their trunk, or a branch from a nearby tree tapped your window on the way home from work.


No matter how it happened, scratches are an eyesore and can lower the resale value of your vehicle. But before you spend hundreds of dollars at the car wash, take a few minutes to read our tips on how to fix common types of car scratches yourself.


1. Clear Coat Scratches:

They are the most superficial type of scratch. The clear coat is the top layer of your car’s detail work that protects the color coat beneath it. If this layer is damaged, it can cause the paint to fade and become dull over time.


Most light scratches can be fixed by polishing the clear coat with a rubbing compound. It will remove the damaged layer and leave your paint looking good as new.


If the scratch is deep, you may need to sand the area before polishing it. It will remove any rough edges and make it easier to apply the compound evenly.


2. Primer Scratches:

Several layers protect your car paint. After all, it keeps your car looking new for years to come. Another protective layer underneath the clear coat is the primer. This layer helps to prevent rust and corrosion.


The scratch will need immediate repair if it has gone into the primer. The sooner you take care of it, the less chance there is for rust to form.


The best way to fix a scratch in the primer is to take it to a professional. They will be able to sand the area and apply new primer.


3. Paint Scratch:

You’ve tried your best to avoid them, but somehow those pesky paint scratches found their way onto your car.


The most vicious scratches a vehicle may have are those that go through the paint. When the vehicle’s paint is scratched hard enough, you should be able to see the body’s metal. Without a paint scratch repair kit, this will be a complicated fix.


You’ll need professional help to fix a paint scratch. Since there are many layers to a car’s paint job, you’ll need someone who knows what they’re doing to avoid making the problem worse.


4. Glass Scratch:

Thee are other parts of your car other than its metal body and paint job that can get scratched. Your car’s glass is susceptible to being scratched as well. This type of scratch usually happens when you’re cleaning your car and accidentally use a dirty or abrasive cloth.


You can fix a car glass scratch at home with some household items. First, you’ll need to clean the area around the scratch with a glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth. Next, apply some toothpaste to a cotton swab and rub it into the scratch.



While you’d want to DIY as much as possible to save some money, some car scratches are too deep or widespread for a DIY fix. In these cases, bringing your vehicle to Scott Robinson Honda, serving Buena Park, CA, is best.


You can check our service specials for current car scratch repair offers. Our highly trained technicians will make your car look good as new in no time!


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