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Sales (Used) - Hawthorne, CA

I tried to come and purchase a newer used Accord for my mother after doing my homework on Truecar and Auto Trader. My husband and I decided that I would sign for the car since I have awesome credit and we planned on paying cash for the car. He stayed in the with my 2 month old (among other reasons). We parked at the end of the dealership on the lot. There was a group on men (salesmen) standing around the area I parked. I immediately put my game face on. I became apprehensive inside when Troy began to approach me. We all get the same feeling when we go to car dealerships, about the sales people being crooks, and I was no different. Nonetheless, I played it cool and professional. Troy approached me with a few conversational questions, like whether I was looking to downsize (because I pulled up in my Chevy Tahoe), what I was looking for, how many kids I had, etc. I politely answered all his questions and added what I was looking for, the year, and price. We walked around the lot for a little while and after noticing there was nothing fitting the criteria, we walked in to get some list they keep. Troy wasn't able to find anything while I there, but took my name and number and told me he would call me if he found anything. I thought that was the end of our interactions until he called me the next day asking if I had found anything. Overall, I had a great experience. I did not purchase anything from this dealership because they didn't have anything available. It turns out not many other dealership had anything (went to 2 others afterwards) being that my price, year, and mileage may have been a little less realistic (I figured that out later). I ended up going with a Chevy Cruze at another dealership. Troy was pleasant the entire time. Since I am female, I expected to be treated a little different than my husband would but I didn't feel that at all. He listened, answered my questions, and did what he could to find something. He even followed up with me the next day and remained pleasant after hearing I purchase another make and model vehicle at a different dealership. If anything, the customer aspect of my experience was great. I would recommend (and plan to) Troy to anyone attempting to purchase a Honda.
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Service - La Habra, CA

Doing the appropriate maintenance on my honda civic 2005 model at a reasonable price. Hail high for Honda Torrance at Scott Robinson branch. I have been with them for eight year and still doing the right thing. I recommend this branch for a well job done on my car.
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Sales (New) - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Scott Robinson is the Honda dealership closest to my home and I was very interested in getting information regarding the subject car (2014 Accord Hybrid). I visited the dealer and a salesman named Troy Lapeyrollerie met me as I was walking toward the showroom. We introduced ourselves and I told him of the car I was interested in. He politely showed me to one of the three Accord Hybrid models they had in stock. He suggested I both look the car over on the lot and also drive it, which I did. Throughout the time Troy was very helpful and informed. Since none of the 3 cars they had in stock were a match with what I was looking for, Troy wrote down the make/model/exterior color/interior options and other specifics that I was looking for and promised to get back to me on what he could find that fit my need. He checked back with me about a week later saying that he was still searching and would keep me updated. About a month later, Troy called to say that the dealership had been able to obtain a car that fit my specs and if I was still interested he would drive it up to my house and let my wife and I inspect it. We did so and decided to go forward with an immediate purchase. Troy led me through the financials and we traded positions for a few minutes and were able to settle on a bottom line price. The papers were drawn up promptly and after signing I drove the vehicle home. From the time of the call notifying me of the car availability to the completion of the sale including the processing of my trade-in, only about two hours elapsed. I am very pleased with the service I received and especially am appreciative of Troy's attention demeanor throughout the process. I strongly recommend him as a point of contact if you are visiting Scott Robinson.
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Sales (Used) - Gardena, CA

We went to several local Honda dealers and shopped online before we decided upon our replacement car. We ended up buying a 2011 Honda CR-V EX from Scott Robinson. One of the deciding factors was Troy L. He was not overbearing, he was informative, and he was kind. Troy listened to what we wanted and we came to a deal. The sales manager (I forget his name, sorry) was also pleasant and made for a nice experience. The finance man was exactly what many in the finance room are, a hard sell. We don't respond well to being pushed. That was the only downside to the whole experience. From start to finish it was about 4 hours till we drove off in our "new" used car. That was about average. In the past I have spent 5 hours in some dealers and the least time ever was 3 hours from start to finish. I would go back and I would insist upon using Troy.
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Sales (Used) - Studio City, CA

I worked with Troy L. on the purchase of a used certified Honda CR-V. The experience was fantastic. There was open and honest discussions and negotiations that took place with no games being played.
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Sales (New) - La Habra, CA

I was in the market for a new car but wasn't sure what exactly I wanted. As I pulled up in the parking lot I met Troy and that was the beginning of a great successful experience for me. Troy was really nice and very helpful. I am glad I stopped by and would definitely recommend scott Robinson honda and Troy lappeyrollerie.
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Sales (New) - Carson, CA

Just bought a 2012 Honda Civic CNG from Scott Robinson. Stuart Lipschitz was great to deal with. No haggling over price, and honored what he told me over the phone when I arrived. Would definitely do business with him again, as he is a straight shooter.
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Sales (New) - West Jordan, UT

I purchased my car from out of state and Stuart made the process a breeze. He was very quick to reply to every email, text or phone call I placed. Since he was my only contact at the dealership, he worked with all of the other departments for me to complete my financing and paper work. He is a true professional that is dedicated to his customers. He worked hard to get me the best possible price for the car and got me a GREAT deal. Even after my purchase he has been amazingly helpful with additional questions I've had. My wife was very nervous to do this deal with someone we've never met. After reading other reviews here her concerns were eliminated and I want to do the same for anyone else. Know that Stuart and Scott Robinson Honda are good people you can trust, they will work hard to get you a good deal, and will always be there for your car purchase. Give them a call, I'm glad I did!
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Sales (Used) - Los Angeles, CA

I live pretty far from Scott Robinson Honda so I had been in contact with Stuart for a couple days before I actually went into the dealership. He was very friendly and always called me back to answer any questions. After looking at several dealerships, I decided to buy my car from Stuart because he was able to relax and explain things in a way that other dealers couldn't. He also worked with me budget-wise to put me in the car I wanted. He even made me some very nice tea and gave me a pack before I left. He is the man. Go check this place out if you're shopping for a car
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Service - Torrance, CA

(The Good) will accept competing dealers service coupons Fine print Honda oil changes require synthetic Oil or blend. Dealer tries to charge more for this
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