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Scott Robinson Honda has Genuine Parts for Your Daily Driver

Want your reliable Honda to run like new all the time? We suggest taking your daily driver to your local Honda dealer for reliable service. When you bought your Honda, you knew you were buying reliability, practicality, and efficiency. We want your automobile to hold to those standards! Click on the video below to learn more about Honda dealer service

There's no reason to skimp out on quality service for your Honda vehicle. At our dealership we offer highly trained auto technicians that can handle almost any maintenance issue you need, genuine Honda parts (to keep your Honda a…

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Get Nostalgic With This Retro 1985 Honda Prelude Review

While modern Honda vehicles are simply amazing, there's just something about that classic retro 1980's charm that we can't get enough of. So, for today's blog post, we've got something special for you all right from the folks at the MotorWeek YouTube page: a retro review of the 1985 Honda Prelude. Packing a 1.8-liter engine blasting our a rip-roaring 100 horsepower, this bad boy can tear it up to…

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2016 Honda Pilot Bows at Chicago Auto Show

We've been waiting quite a long time for the 2016 Honda Pilot, but it has finally been revealed during the 2015 Chicago Auto Show.

And, we're confident in saying that the 2016 Pilot has already exceeded our lofty expectations for the three-row SUV.

For starters, the 2016 Pilot kicks style up a notch with its new look exterior that's designed in the guise of the ever-popular Honda CR-V.

The Pilot also displays?

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Add Some Simplicity and Convenience to Your Drive With the Honda Fit

When you're looking for a new vehicle, why not choose something that will make your life a little simpler? The Honda Fit is filled with great features that are designed to add some convenience to your drive. Watch the video below to see it in action.

It's pretty clear from the video that the Fit has a lot to offer. It provides versatility, thanks to its reconfigurable seats, so you can use that…

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Go Green in 2015 with these Honda Hybrids

If your resolution for 2015 was to be "greener" then we can help you here at Scott Robinson Honda! Our lineup of models are certainly known for their savvy and fuel efficient ways. In fact, many vehicles have features that help you drive in ways that converse gas with their color-coded alerts or ECON buttons. However, if you want to go the hybrid route then we have a few options for you to check out.

First is the Honda Civic Hybrid, a compact sedan that takes the already notable fuel ratings of the standard gas models to new levels! Whether…

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Santa's Sleigh, Brought to you by the Honda Brand

After you set out the cookies on the eve of December 25, wait up to catch a glimpse of the great big man in red, and you'll notice something different this year. No, he hasn't lost any weight, and yes, he's still delivering the occasional piece of coal. It has everything to do with his famous red sleigh- or lack their-of. Take a look.

Santa chose the Honda brand to help him…

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Honda Puts Family First For the Holidays, and Beyond

With the holidays in full swing at Scott Robinson Honda, we're focusing on our Honda Days Sales Event and our favorite things that make up the holiday season- friends, family, and pie. Okay, so the reasons vary, but we covered the basics. At Scott Robinson Honda we consider our teams family, from our sales team to the members of our Finance Center and Parts & Service, our family works together to deliver you the best…

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More Space Means Less Stress during the Holidays

We have already started to get in the spirit of the holidays with the Happy Honda Days Event, but with Thanksgiving only a week away, you may want to take our advice seriously. Well, not too seriously.

Because everyone grows more every year, whether in height or in distance around, there is rarely enough room when you load the whole family in to the current car, and that is before you add all the presents…

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Have a Happy Holiday With the Happy Honda Days Event

The holidays were always cheerful when you were a child; you got to drink eggnog and play with your new toys. According to Honda, you can bring back that cheery feeling this year with the Happy Honda Days sales event. In the video below, some familiar faces will tell you all about it.

Here at Scott Robinson Honda we know that a new Honda Accord would bring us some holiday cheer, and we think it?

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The Honda CR-V Touring Edition Brings the Fun

Many family memories are made from the places you go and in the car that takes you there. That's the idea behind the new 2015 edition of the Honda CR-V, a tech-filled and safe compact SUV that's perfect for the solo driver or the young family. Check out this video that highlights some of the features and all the fun found in the Touring Edition of the CR-V.

No matter what trim level…

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